Rich Fixing Sea moss

Rich Fixing Sea moss

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Sea moss is jam-packed full of potassium. The cells of the body cannot function without potassium, though strangely our bodies do not have a mechanism to conserve potassium. Adding high-potassium foods like sea moss to the diet can significantly improve behaviour and mental functioning. High potassium foods are also very helpful for fibromyalgia, moodiness, agitation, depression and anxiety disorders. Irish moss is also an excellent source of a range of B vitamins, which are well known for supporting the nervous system and reducing stress. This food is like a warm cup of tea with good book by the fire for the nervous system.

Additional evidence indicates that sea moss has a neuroprotective effect, shielding the brain from the accumulation of a protein called α-synulein that is linked to neurodegeneration and the development of Parkinson's disease.

If all that wasn't enough, sea moss contains algin. This phytonutrient has therapeutic value as a heavy metal detoxifying agent – meaning it helps pull heavy metals out of the tissues of our bodies.

1. Take a handful of sea moss rinse clean, inspect for sand and other sea debris.Rinse drain and repeat several times until clean
2. Soak for 4-24 hours at room temperature
3. The sea moss will turn into a white-translucent color, it will take on a slippery, soft texture. The size will double.
4. Drain off the water, rinse clean.
5. Add spring water and sea moss to the blender, blend until smooth and creamy ( some people prefer to boil 5-30 min before blending).
6. Pour into a mason jar, and refrigerate. Allow up to an hour for thickening


- 3-4 oz of Sea Moss Gel
- 12 oz of walnuts or hemp milk
- 1 Mango (or fruits of choice)
- 1 cup of ice
- 4 tablespoons of maple syrup or date sugar
Blend until creamy
Delicious :-)
Enjoy & Blessings! Peace Love and Healthy living to you all